How Much Does a PTE Certificate Cost Without Exams?

How Much Does a PTE Certificate Cost Without Exams?

How Much Does a PTE Certificate Cost Without Exams in 2023? Do you wish to buy a PTE certificate without exams and you’re wondering about the cost? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this post, you will discover the average cost of buying a PTE certificate without sitting for exams. But before we dive into the cost, let’s begin by explaining what is a PTE certificate.

What is a PTE Certificate?

PTE stands for Pearson Test of English (PTE). It is a computer-based English language proficiency test conducted by Pearson Language Tests. A PTE certificate typically refers to a certificate awarded for achieving a certain score or proficiency level in the PTE exam.

The PTE (Pearson Test of English) offers several types of certificates, each assessing different language skills and serving specific purposes. Here are the main types of PTE certificates:

  1. PTE Academic: This is the most common type of PTE certificate. Designed for non-native English speakers who wish to study at English-speaking universities or institutions. PTE Academic assesses listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills and provides an overall score as well as individual scores for each skill.
  2. PTE General: PTE General assesses the general English language proficiency of non-native English speakers. Mostly used for employment purposes or for those who want to demonstrate their English language skills for personal development. PTE General consists of two components: a written paper and a spoken test. The written paper assesses listening, reading, writing, and grammar skills, while the spoken test evaluates oral fluency and pronunciation.
  3. PTE Home: PTE Home is for UK visa applications. Specifically designed for individuals who need to demonstrate their English language proficiency for UK visa purposes, such as Spouse visas, Student visas, or Family Settlement visas.
  4. PTE Young Learners: PTE Young Learners is specifically designed for children between the ages of 7 and 12. It assesses their English language skills in a fun and interactive way. PTE Young Learners consists of four levels: Firstwords, Springboard, Quickmarch, and Breakthrough. Each level assesses listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills appropriate for the age group.

How much does it Cost?

The total cost of buying a PTE Certificate without exams is not fixed. This is because the price varies depending on factors such as; your score setting, shipping fees, and taxes. Nevertheless, the average cost of buying a genuine PTE certificate without exams ranges between $800 to $1000 excluding taxes and shipping fees. Below is an estimate of the average cost with all the factors mentioned above;

1. Average PTE Certificate Cost with Score Setting

Band ScoreCost
10 – 29$800
30 – 42$800
43 – 58$800
59 – 75$800
76 – 84$1,000
85 – 90$1,000

2. Average Cost with Shipping Fees Included

Band ScoreCostShipping FeesTOTAL
10 – 29$800$400$1,200
30 – 42$800$400$1,200
43 – 58$800$400$1,200
59 – 75$800$400$1,200
76 – 84$1000$400$1,400
85 – 90$1000$400$1,400

3. Average Cost with Taxes Included

Band ScoreCostShipping FeesTaxTOTAL
10 – 29$800$400$200$1,400
30 – 42$800$400$200$1,400
43 – 58$800$400$200$1,400
59 – 75$800$400$200$1,400
76 – 84$1000$400$200$1,600
85 – 90$1000$400$200$1,600

Factors that determine the average cost of a PTE Certificate without Exam

  1. Score Setting: Your desired score setting might vary the average cost of a PTE certificate without exams. Usually, a higher score setting costs more than a lower one.
  2. Shipping Fees: The shipping fees will vary the total cost of acquiring a genuine PTE certificate without sitting for exams.
  3. Taxes: Taxes may apply depending on your location.

Where to Buy a Genuine PTE Certificate Without Exams

The best place where you can order a genuine PTE certificate is from the website. Learn more about how to Buy a PTE Certificate Online Without Exams.

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